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We are here to help you feel revitalized by providing you with key nutrients and vitamins needed to replenish your body

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About Us

Founded by a Nurse Practitioner with over 15 years of experience, Revitalizing Hydration and Wellness is here to help replenish your body with key nutrients and vitamins so you can feel revitalized.

Why IV Hydration?

  • Promotion of Weight loss.
  • Relief of hangover symptoms.
  • Combat nutritional┬ádeficiencies.
  • Decrease fatigue and improve energy.
  • Decrease stress/anxiety and promote relaxation.
  • Improve overall cardiovascular health.
  • Help Rid the body of free radicals and toxins.
  • Relieve muscle and joint pain.
  • Relieve migraine headache pain.
  • Promote improved skin health and youthfulness.
  • Increase workout recovery speed.


Simply Hydrate

45 min
$50 (Members $40)

Are you someone who has a hard time drinking enough fluids or are you simply feeling fatigued due to possible dehydration. Rehydrate with "Simply Hydrate". Replace important electrolytes, fluids and increase energy.
Myers Cocktail

1 hr
$149 (Members $125)

Have you ever heard of the amazing John Myers, MD? He worked at John Hopkins and developed this infamous cocktail. What does it do? It helps with multiple chronic diseases, helps with allergies, improves the immune system and even improves fatigue!
Energy Blast

1 hr
$145 (Members $125)

Throw that coffee away and fortify your body with energy improving B vitamins, minerals and an extra boost to rehydrate your body, mind and soul.

1 hr
$200 (Members $170)

Is your day affected by migraines or stubborn pain? Let's beat it and replace the nutrients you have lost to quickly improve your migraine symptoms and/or pain.
The After Effect

1 hr
$120 (Members $100)

Party hard last night or simply go through that whole bottle of wine? We have you covered. Dehydration is the leading cause of your symptoms including nausea, headache, and even sore muscles. This amazing infusion will supply your body with the fluids and nutrients it needs to ease your symptoms quickly. What a kick? Try the add-on's for further symptoms relief.

1 hr
$160 (Members $140)

We all want to feel younger and have perfect skin. Be-Dazzle helps your body work naturally by hydrating your skin and allowing it to feel and look radiant. Let's bring the glow back to your life.

1 hr 30 min
$170 (Members $145)

Trying to lose that pesky rump of yours? Sticking to your diet difficult? Let this slimming concoction help you in your weight loss journey. Dump-ur-rump will help not only improve your metabolism and increase energy but the addition of ALA helps to reduce body fat. Include the add on Lipo-B to increase the reduction of stubborn body fat.
Mind Overload

1 hr
$170 (Members $145)

Need to calm that mind, relieve stress, or clear that soul. Let Mind overload take on the job to help relax your mind and body.
Immune Booster

1 hr
$160 (Members $140)

Let this immune boosting infusion help your body fight off that cold or flu. Immune Boost will allow your body to be strong and healthy by keeping your immune system at top speed with these strong vitamins and antioxidants.


Lipo-B 30 mins $40 (Members $25)
Vitamin D3 15 mins $30 (Members $25)
Vitamin C 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
Zinc 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
Dexamethasone 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
Folic Acid 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
Keterolac 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
L-Arginine 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
Odansetron 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
Pepcid 30 mins $35 (Members $25)
Vitamin B12 30 mins $25 (Members $20)

Frequently Asked Questions

  • An IV aka intravenous is where we place a small catheter into the vein to provide quick and effective hydration to your body. There will be a needle poke only to access the vein, once the vein is accessed the needle is removed and only a small, flexible catheter is left.

  • IV therapy allows your body to receive fluids, vitamins, minerals, and medications quickly into the blood stream. When these are administered into the blood stream this means your body is getting 100% of the infusion compared to 20% done orally due to the digestive tract. Remember this does not replace you drinking your fluids as well, this is only to supplement.

  • Yes, IV therapy is safe. All vitamins are FDA approved and high quality. Infusions will be administered by a RN and performed under the care of a Nurse Practitioner. Prior to any client receiving an infusion a thorough intake (history and physical) will be completed.

  • Side effects are minimal to non-existent. Some people may experience slight discomfort, bruising, swelling, itching, burning, inflammation, with slight redness at the site, which could last for a few minutes to a few days. Severe reaction or side effects are extremely rare. If you do experience any severe reaction symptoms such as trouble breathing, swallowing, severe itchy rash, or severely low blood pressure-please go to your nearest emergency or call 911.

  • Starting with a few forms to complete at the beginning and assessment, the whole process should take approximately 30 to 45 minutes total. May occasionally take longer pending the infusion.

  • Pain depends on each individual. We do our best to make sure that each patient is comfortable, the nurse starting the IV is experience, and one stick is all that is needed. A client may also request numbing medications prior to the start of IV.

  • Frequency of infusion is client to client basis. Each client will have their own plan of care to meet their individual goals and needs. Though it is recommended to receive 2 infusions a month for optimal results.

  • We all love discounts. You can get discounts a few ways.

    1. Collect our business card and for every 4 infusions you will receive a discount of 20% off your 5th infusion.
    2. Referral-Refer a friend and you will receive 15% off your next order.
    3. Group Discount 5 or more in a group will receive 25% all infusions.

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